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Sweet Gangster's Sacred Birma

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A small family breeding of Sacred Birman. We strive with our breeding to breed stable individuals with a focus on the mentality and temperament. Our greatest desire is first and foremost to sell our cats for a love full family who appreciates them as a family member. If you then want to use the cat on the show is just a plus


We got our first Birmans 2008 a bluepoint male named CH S*Tinywinys Ganglion Galax and a seal point female named Tempelkattens Yoseline. My interest in breeding and shows gradually began to arrive. My first show was with our Gangster our Blue point male who also sired our first, second and third litter and he even got to decorate our tribal name. In 2012, I was also aware of other races and EXO left their mark on my heart. January 2013 we got our first EXO girl. A beautiful black silver classic tabby girl. So the EXO and PER had touch my hearts also and we got our first PER from Denmark. And 2013 we got our first Red Birma male fron Norway and he have left us lovely kitten and we are going to save a Creme girl from his litter 2015. We live in a big house outside a smal village. We are more than pleased and looking forward to this new year of exciting lessons, exhibitions and baby snuggle! 2014 we bought our first Bullmastiff from Hungary a sweet and lovely girl. And 2015 we also bought a male from same breeder in Hungary. And we are so in LOVE with this breed. We love to go to shows and meet other owner and breeder and hope we some day also got Bullmastiff puppies in the house.



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